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  • Saskia Wendt

Maji Moto | Maasai | Hike to Masai Mara

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

(Guest writer Saskia, who has experienced this trip)

High on a hill is Maji Moto Eco Camp. You can't even see it when you arrive, but suddenly brightly dressed Maasai are standing in front of you, welcoming you to the camp. The view from the hill is simply grandiose and it is not without reason that there are cushions on the rocks ready to make you comfortable in front of this unique backdrop. Even from the toilet you have a view of the wide plain that stretches out in front of you.

The tents sleep two people and are covered with a thatched roof, giving extra protection from rain and storms. Before dinner we do a little exploring around the camp and then we can take a dip in the nearby hot springs. During dinner, lamps are lit, which provides a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere and allows you to listen to the sounds around you even better.

After a hearty breakfast the next morning, we start our 3-day hike from Maji Moto Camp to the Masai Mara National Park. Our guide Sankale explains a lot to us about the plants that we see on the way.

We meet many local people with their herds of cows and goats and Sankale is happy to share many stories about their daily life. It is very exciting to listen to the stories and to pester him with questions. The first day of hiking flies by and we arrive at our first camp in the early afternoon. Our tent is already built and lunch is ready to eat. We make ourselves comfortable under the huge acacia trees. Except for the sounds of nature around, it is absolutely silent. No cars, no planes, no other people - how beautiful!

We didn't see too many animals on the first day, but we hope to be able to spot a few more as we get closer to the national park. On the second day we see a herd of zebras and antelopes. It is a great feeling to experience this nature and the animals from a different perspective and without cars around. The Maasai say that you can only absorb the energy of the earth by walking. This is not possible in a vehicle. We start understanding what they mean by that. Since the landscape is flat, the hike is not strenuous and you can really enjoy the couple of hours.

For safety reasons, a second guide accompanies us on the last day. The Maasai don't have weapons with them. They grew up in this environment and know how to read the language of the animals. They have great respect for the animals. But they are not afraid of them. They know what they must and must not do and how to behave in dangerous or unforeseen situations.

When we surprisingly pass our guide's home village, he takes the opportunity to introduce us to his family. He helps translating and we try to communicate with our hands and feet. Although we have language barriers, it is such a warm welcome. His mother invites us straight out for tea. Minutes later we find ourselves drinking tea in the midst of several bomas (huts). The village`s residents are curious and especially the children move closer and closer to inspect the new visitors. It's an amazing way to end the third day and thus our hiking tour.

After a while our guide calls the driver to say where we are. Some time later we are picked up by the vehicle and driven to our accommodation in the Masai Mara National Park. One highlight chases the next. It was not my first visit to this wonderful country and hopefully not my last. Experiencing this unique nature from a different perspective was definitely a highlight that I will never forget.

This trip is included in "Culture, Trekking, Wildlife".

To much adventure or to basic? No worries, it is also available without the "sleeping in the bush" part. :)

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Mar 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

That certainly makes me want to travel again. Thanks for the great inspiration

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