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The Baltic States

Between tradition & modernity

Island Saaremaa, Estonia

What makes the Baltic States so unique

Small but mighty. Experience the highlights of 3 countries on one trip or discover one of the countries more closely

Tallinn, Riga & Vilnius: 3 must-see capitals that are waiting to be visited

Incredibly beautiful and varied nature: from dune landscapes to lakes and forests

From a weekend getaway to an extended trip & from architecture to activities -  there is something for everyone and for all interests

Why you should experience
the Baltic States with
Awayzing Travel

You decide yourself how you like to travel: with a private driver or with a rental car

In addition to the main sights, we are more than happy to show you the authentic country / countries with a variety of local experiences

We'll show you what's possible, but you choose day by day what you want to experience and what's not on your bucket list.

Problems? Are you stuck on site? Hey, that's what we and our English speaking partners are there for. Travel carefree.


Curonian Spit, Lithuania

Sample Itineraries

So much to see - so much to experience.

Here are a few examples for you to see what you can plan and how. BUT all trips are completely customizable to your wishes and interests.

5-days itinerary
guided tours

Vilnius to Riga

Day 1: Arrive in Vilnius & transfer to hotel

Day 2: Vilnius City Tour (approx. 3 hours), 

Day 3: Transfer Vilnius - Riga (optional excursion to visit Rundale Palace on the way)

Day 4: Riga City Tour (approx. 3 hours) 

Day 5: Airport Transfer

Tallinn to Riga

Day 1: Arrive in Tallinn & transfer to hotel

Day 2: Tallinn City Tour (approx. 3 hours), 

Day 3: Transfer Tallinn - Riga (optional excursion to visit Sigulda on the way)

Day 4: Riga City Tour (approx. 3 hours) 

Day 5: Airport Transfer

Day 1: Arrive in Riga & transfer to hotel

Day 2: Riga City Tour (approx. 3 hours), 

Day 3: free day 

Day 4: Tour to Rundale Palace, a pearl of Baroque architecture (6 hours)

Day 5: Airport Transfer

Riga and surrounding

Awayzing Experiences

Discover the Baltic States in a special way. Add one or more local experiences to your trip and you will participate in something very special. According to your taste.

10-days itinerary
self drive trip

Best of Latvia

Day 1: Arrive in Riga, get your car & drive to Jurmala (20 km)

Day 2: Jurmala - Kuldiga (134 km)

Day 3: Kuldiga - Pavilosta (61 km)

Day 4: Pavilosta - Liepaja (47 km)

Day 5: Liepaja

Day 6: Liepaja - Tervete (166 km)

Day 7: Tervete - Rundale Palace - Riga (121 km)

Day 8: Riga

Day 9: Riga - Sigulda - Riga (120 km)

Day 10: Drive to airport & departure

20-days itinerary
self drive trip

Day 1: Arrive in Vilnius & get your car 

Day 2: Vilnius

Day 3: Vilnius - Kaunas (199 km)

Day 4: Kaunas - Klaipeda (215 km)

Day 5: Klaipeda - Nida - Klaipeda

Day 6: Klaipeda - Liepaja (105 km)

Day 7: Liepaja

Day 8: Liepaja - Pavolista (47 km)

Day 9: Pavolista - Kuldiga (62 km)

Day 10: Kuldiga - Jurmala (123 km)

Day 11: Jurmala - Riga (25 km)

Day 12: Riga

Day 13: Riga - Sigulda (53 km)

Day 14: Sigulda - Cesis - Parnu (199 km)

Day 15: Parnu

Day 16: Parnu - Saaremaa (142 km)

Day 17: Saaremaa

Day 18: Saaremaa - Tallinn (205 km)

Day 19: Tallinn

Day 20: Departure

Vilnius to Tallinn

Distances Tallinn-Riga-Vilnius

Tallinn - Riga: 310 km / 4 hours drive

minimum 5 days to visit cities &

see highlights

Riga - Vilnius: 300 km / 4 hours drive

use a minimum of 5 days to get a good grasp of cities & highlights on the way

all 3 capital cities combined: use at least 7 days for your trip

The minimum times refer to a

tight program for the

highlights as a guided tour.

Latvia-Riga (3).jpg

Riga, Latvia

Our Accommodation

A good mix of comfort and hospitality, cleanliness and that little special extra. All this plays an important role in the selection of our accommodation. You are free to choose between our categories: Comfort (3*-accommodation), Upgrade (4*) and Instyle (5*).

5* Hotel in Riga
3* Hotel in Vilnius Reception Area
4* Spa Hotel in Jurmala
3* Hotel in Liepaja
4* Spa Hotel in Jurmala
4* Hotel in Pavilosta
4* Spa Hotel in Jurmala
Hotel in Sigulda (3*)
Beautiful Exterior of our Hotel in Sigulda (3*)
Hotel in Riga (3*)
3* Hotel in Liepaja
5* Hotel in Riga
Restaurant of the 3* Hotel in Riga
Hotel in Tallinn (3*)
4* Hotel in Pavilosta
Fitness studio of our 3* Hotel in Vilnius
Restaurant of the 3* Hotel in Tallinn
Restaurant of our Hotel in Sigulda (3*)
3* Hotel in Liepaja
Bar in Riga (3* hotel)
5* Hotel in Riga
5* Hotel in Riga
3* Hotel Vilnius Room
Hotel in Tallinn (4*)
Hotel in Sigulda (3*)
4* Hotel in Pavilosta
3* Hotelroom in Vilnius
4* Hotel in Tallinn
4* Spa Hotel in Jurmala

With your personal travel offer you will also receive an overview

of the selected accommodation.


Our Guides

Every guided excursion stands and falls with the guide - easy as that!

Passion, knowledge and understanding must be present. We pay very close attention to this with our guides and of course only select certified guides for your trips. Please let us know if you prefer guides in your native language over English.

We do our best to find just the right travel companion for you.




Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday:   9:00 - 15:30

Friday:                      9:00 - 15:00


And by prior arrangement

also outside of the opening times

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